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You Need A Weekly Checklist!

We call it a power hour.   That time every week where we take stock of what is going on with our clients and make certain that everything is on track.   This is also the time we make sure we are prepared for the week ahead. Bad communication habits start early in many sales careers.   Make… Keep Reading

Why You Need A Book of Business

If you have been in the business for two years or more you have a rich database of information just waiting to be organized.    Are you ready to build a good habit of building it and watching it grow?   Three Reasons You Need a Book of Business   #1 You cannot remember everything,… Keep Reading

Why You Need A PLANNER

Our team has tried many planners over the years from daytimers to erin condren BUT as with many planning tools, almost all of these tools fell short.   Our Planner Wish List Lays flat Plenty of room for To Do’s Gives structure to the month, week and day Makes it so easy to figure out what I… Keep Reading

Burnout and What You Can Do to Stop it

For many sales professionals, 2017 has been an incredibly vigorous and fruitful year in closings.  Working in direct sales is a challenge.  Customers demand clear communication, sufficient attention, and extremely kind and pleasant interactions.  For many agents being “on” all the time is physically and emotionally draining for even the most seasoned reps.   What is… Keep Reading

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