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Organizing Clients In Your Book of Business

There are many methods of organizing clients in your Book of Business, but we like to keep things simple.  We feel that there are three simple categories or “buckets” that you can slide your clients into when you start to build your book.   THREE CATEGORIES Present Clients Potential Clients Past Clients   In order…

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How To Refresh A Stale Listing

Stale listings are usually the result of several things that are not necessarily your fault, but it is your responsibility to fix.  These listings are usually sitting for three reasons: Price, Location, or Condition. (And if you are really lucky ALL three) Improve Communication with your Client  Call them first, call them often. Bring information…

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18 Things You Can Do Before 2018

  During November and December, many entrepreneurs are focusing business planning for 2018.    Often, this “business planning” is a complicated mess that leaves many frustrated. Many businesses will end up with a list of unrealistic goals and a lofty mission statement that looks great on paper but has no sustainable framework.    Our team…

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Burnout and What You Can Do to Stop it

For many sales professionals, 2017 has been an incredibly vigorous and fruitful year in closings.  Working in direct sales is a challenge.  Customers demand clear communication, sufficient attention, and extremely kind and pleasant interactions.  For many agents being “on” all the time is physically and emotionally draining for even the most seasoned reps.   What is…

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