Low Cost Ways To Market Yourself

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One of the most common questions that turn up in consulting…


“How can I get started with marketing when I have a very limited budget?”


The good news is that thanks to smartphones and social media you have much of what you need in the palm of your hand to get started.  Here are a few of my favorite low budget tips and tricks to get started with connecting with customers. Spoiler alert… You probably already know how to do these tasks, BUT you have not taken the time to develop the habit of flexing your marketing muscles.

1.) You need a book of business–   If you have not already invested the time in setting up a database now is the time to do so.   How can you market to your audience effectively if you do you have a system in place to detail the what, when, and how you sent information to the client? Get started with a FREE system (and then invest in a professional system after you start to close deals), use a google spreadsheet or Exel document.    This is a great task if you have an assistant or a friend who is helping you get started.   Start entering in family, friends, past customers, and then begin building information of neighborhoods you are interested in farming for listings.    Interested in buyers?  Look to find addresses and contact information for rental communities.

2.) You need to create a great piece of content-    Figure out what your message is and then mail it, post it, and share it with your audience.  Start small, and work your way out.  Vistaprint.com  is an excellent resource for affordable marketing materials.  Postage can get expensive very quickly.   Make sure to contact your local post office for your options on bulk mail or even setting up a stamps.com account.  Boost your social media posts to the same zipcodes you are targeting with your direct mail campaigns.

3.)Wear your Marketing-   Become a walking billboard. It’s an old-school trick, but wearing branded clothing at community events can help start the conversation and boost your brand awareness. Look for opportunities to volunteer and get involved in your local community.  If you review the online social calendars, you will find plenty of ideas about where to get started.

4.) Tell your story on a consistent basis-  Don’t just ask for the business.  Share your knowledge.   Visit new construction sites,  hot neighborhoods, local parks and hot spots and talk about them on your social media channels.   Have an assistant?  Bring them along and have them help film and document your adventures.  Share your celebrations.

5.) Rinse and repeat-   It will take several months of consistent work on your part to market your business. Exercise patience.  It takes a ton of hard work, an extensive database, and multiple attempts to reach your audience.  The average American is subject to thousands of ads a day.  It takes time to cut through the noise.

6.) Start Selling Your Junk-  Look around and start selling items you don’t need. For larger and more extensive marketing projects you will need seed money to grow your business.  Utilize free online sales tools and designated community safe drops to quickly sell items and start saving for event more elaborate projects and leads in the future.   It takes money to make money, and you will have to take a hard look at your budget to make room for growth at the beginning of your sales career.

We have more opportunities than any other generation before us to market and sell in an affordable way to our customers.  Roll up your sleeves and get to work.


**Please note that any and all marketing should be reviewed by your supervisor and meet and respect state and national advertising disclosure laws.



Have some great tips?  Feel free to comment below!  We would love to hear from you.



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