You Need A 15-Minute Marketing Plan

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Stop us if you have not heard these statements before…



  • I don’t have time to follow through on marketing!
  • I don’t know where to start!
  • I struggle with technology!

These are the most common phrases we hear from clients that are frustrated with keeping up with trying to market their personal brand and their client’s listings.

We suggest starting small.  Getting control of your marketing means having a plan to reference, and time blocking on your calendar to create the content.  Everyone can find 15 minutes in their work week to work on their marketing strategy, but you have to take the first step… Making it a priority.

How to Use Your 15 Minutes

Step One:  Identify a time each week that you can work on your marketing plan. (This needs to be done every week for the next week to build the habit)

Step Two: Block it out and Grab your Weekly Plan.

Step Three: Write down 2 things that need advertising ( Examples: A closing celebration, new or just sold listings, a milestone in your career, an educational moment for your consumers)

Step Four: Create simple content to promote important items ( Write one to two sentence copy, find royalty free photography to add interest)

Step Five: Use your preferred method of social media scheduling and give the content a home on your social networks.   Share and Promote!

That’s it!  It is that simple!    We would love to hear more from you about how you plan to use your 15 minutes.  Please Comment Below!

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Creating a 15-minute marketing plan can help you feel more on top of building your personal brand and provide better customer service to your clients. Think about what is most important to market your business and then create a simple piece of content that you can cross promote across your social networks. Learn more on our blog post about how we use our preferred and affiliated social media scheduling tool @ Back At You Media to build marketing campaigns for our clients and why it’s our method of choice!


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