Why You Need A Book of Business

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If you have been in the business for two years or more you have a rich database of information just waiting to be organized.    Are you ready to build a good habit of building it and watching it grow?


Three Reasons You Need a Book of Business


#1 You cannot remember everything, and NEITHER can your clients-   If you do not reach out on regular basis things will fall through the cracks, and relationships will not be successful in the long run.


#2 Your hard work should be an investment for your future.   Your business is like a child.   You want to nurture it, grow it, and one day if you do everything right your child will take care of you in retirement.


#3 You need to be ready to grow and GO.   At any given time your circumstances can change and you may need to leave your current position.   Your book of business should easily go with you.   A great book of business makes it easy to train assistants and add team members.


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