18 Things You Can Do Before 2018

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  During November and December, many entrepreneurs are focusing business planning for 2018.    Often, this “business planning” is a complicated mess that leaves many frustrated. Many businesses will end up with a list of unrealistic goals and a lofty mission statement that looks great on paper but has no sustainable framework.    Our team was inspired by the blogger challenge:18 things to do before 2018.We decided to create our list of tasks that just may improve your next year of business.
18 Before 2018
1.) Let go-  Check out a book or two on the minimalist movement.   You may not end up with an organized office, but you may end up deleting a significant chunk of “XYZ” and free up some space for new opportunities to come into your life.
2.) Take a look at where you spent your money in 2017.  Identify unnecessary paid services and eliminate them.
3.) Make sure all your tech devices are virus free and backed up. 
4.) Read/ Listen to one book that will give you pause to keep hustling during the holiday break.   
5.)  Send thank you cards not just holiday cards to everyone who helps you keep the lights on.
6.) Bite the bullet and invest in paid cloud storage for your files instead of fighting the battle of storage on your smartphone.
7.) Forget inbox zero- Take it one day, one week at a time.   You are only human.
8.) Make sure the time zone is correct on your digital calendars and that they are syncing 
9.) Choose one charity that you will support in 2018.
10.) Grab a physical –    No one should be tired all the time. Make your health a priority.
11.) Meditate, pray, sit in a bookstore, or the park and enjoy your own company on a regular basis. You know what works for you.
12.) Google yourself-  Make adjustments, and then set up a google alert.  
13.) Clean out your Linkedin Connections-   The only people you should be connected with are those who would potentially send you business.
14.) Update your professional biography
15.) Update your headshot
16.) Get outside and do something fun with friends- Groupon has you covered.
17.) Remove, block, or ignore any trolls or haters
18.) Be a kind human.  Compassion never goes out of style. 
What’s on your list? What did we miss?  Share below! 


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