Burnout and What You Can Do to Stop it

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For many sales professionals, 2017 has been an incredibly vigorous and fruitful year in closings.  Working in direct sales is a challenge.  Customers demand clear communication, sufficient attention, and extremely kind and pleasant interactions.  For many agents being “on” all the time is physically and emotionally draining for even the most seasoned reps.   What is an agent to do?

Do you feel the joy?

 Ask yourself do you like what you are doing?  Take a hard look at your business. Are you ultimately happy with your career and you have just hit a rough patch or have you lost the “joy” of helping others find success with their real estate needs?   If the answer is “I have not enjoyed this in months,” then it is time to make a change.  Many people hate to walk away from money on the table, but you can find a reliable referral partner and keep things flowing while avoiding the day to day grind.

Office Nonsense

Is it your environment?   Is your Broker never available?  Are you embarrassed to bring clients into the office because the layout is shabby, disorganized, or unprofessional?   Is there a “frat” type office culture that makes you cringe?  Is the technology and branding behind the times and dated?   These can all play into your overall happiness as an agent.   You need to be a brand that you are proud to promote.  

Lost Keys & Paper Everywhere

Is it your lack of organization?    Are there things that you know that would improve your workday if you took the time to do them.   It may be time to get honest about evaluating your current systems and look for weaknesses.    Are you protecting your family/friends time?  Do you make time to check your files to make sure nothing is missing and that no one has “dropped the ball.” 

 A lack of organization can create burnout faster than any problem client.

Celebrating Success

Are you making time to celebrate the good?  Sure it’s easy for you to sit in a circle with other agents and try to win the “ My ________ is crazier than yours” story contest every week, but are you making time for celebrating the successes?   There should be good vibes and a celebration for closings and what it means to your client’s lives.   

The critical part of addressing burnout in your business is to take action on it before it is too late.  Burnout can be damaging not only to your personal life but to those you are representing.   In every career path, burnout is possible.   It is not humanly possible to be even 99.9 percent perfect to everyone and “great” 24-7/365.   Remember to take care of yourself and find a colleague that you trust to help step in and take over if you need a break.  Find your joy and then jump back in refreshed and ready to go.   Your clients will thank you.

What are your favorite tips for beating burnout?   Share them below! 

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