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September is Safety Awareness Month for agents, and it is a great time of year to check to make sure your safety plan for both your personal and professional life is in order.  Technology continues to evolve to help us not only improve customer service in transactions but also to improve safety while showing homes and conducting open houses.   There are many personal location sharing apps available, but one that I have personally tested for several years has stood out from the crowd.   



Life360 is user-friendly, reliable, and has been one of the few apps I use consistently since I have downloaded it a few years ago.   One standout feature? It is very kid friendly.  My kiddo picked up using the app very quickly and enjoyed selecting his avatar for his profile.   The messaging feature is nice as well.  He enjoyed watching me travel on long business trips and it helped him cope with anxiety by knowing where I was at.  Life360 can be accessed both via desktop and mobile app in the apple or android store.


“It’s the world’s leading family location and driving safety app, available for iPhone and Android. You can set up private Circles to stay connected with the people you care most about and see their locations on a map.” Audrey Shedivy Life 360 PR Team.


There are additional features, like automatic Place Alerts, the Help button, and Life360’s Driver Protect subscription that users can explore to use the app in a way that works for them.  I like the fact that you can manipulate settings and circle depending on the information you want to share.   It is easy to set up personal and professional circles.  For example, you would use the professional circles for when you are actively showing property or working open houses. 


Here are a few tips courtesy of Life360’s team Especially for Agents


  1. Create multiple Circles in Life360. A private family Circle will keep you connected with your loved ones while a separate Circle with work colleagues will ensure people who know your client meeting schedule can look out for you, too.


  1. Be sure to set up your emergency contacts in Life360. If you press Help within the app, an alert will be sent to all of your designated emergency contacts providing your location.


  1. Subscribe to Life360 Driver Protect so your loved ones know you’re safe while on the road. Life360’s driving safety service provides automatic crash detection and emergency response, 24/7 roadside assistance, driving safety insights, 30-days of location history, and unlimited Place Alerts. And a single subscription covers everyone in your Circle, for $7.99/month.

The simple act of using technology to improve communication could potentially be a lifesaver in an emergency. Working with the public requires agents to focus on taking more responsibility for their personal safety.  Practicing situational awareness and having a plan of action will not only improve safety, but it also is an important pillar of professionalism that brokerages should encourage their agents to have in their business plan.


Do you have a personal protection and safety awareness plan in place?  Share below!

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