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Video production is one of the major marketing hurdles modern real estate agents face.     You want to showcase your client’s home, but you do not have the time, patience or budget to learn how to be Spielberg to make that happen.    Thanks to Homesnap’s new DIY Video feature, they have made creative video styling a “snap” for busy agents.

Currently available for apple products, this simple to use app is integrated with social media tools to help agents quickly produce eye catching videos to promote their listings, and build their personal brand.  Ads can be featured on Facebook or Instagram.


Via Homesnap



The app is very user-friendly and intuitive to what agents and consumers are looking for.  Eye catching easy to use templates with just a few swipes of their finger!    Check out this demo.   I was blown away with how simple the tool was to use.  If you can post a filtered pic of yourself on a sunny beach on Insta, you can handle making some sweet video ads on Homesnap.




Want to see this in action?    Check out a few examples on the links below.


Live Examples of Agent’s Using the Video App! 


Professional video:

DIY listing with animation:

Listing slideshow open house:


Affordability & Transparency


Via Homesnap


You have control over the advertising budget, and the scale can fit even modest budgets.  The analytics are the game changer.  With custom graphs for agents AND consumers transparency is no longer an elusive goal in your marketing plan.


Are you using the new DIY Video tool to win clients?   We would love to hear from you!   Please comment below!


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