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For many agents, having a strong admin is critical to not only maintaining solid customer service, but to keep propelling their business forward.   Unfortunately finding an administrative assistant that can be dynamic and systematic at the same time is a major issue that our industry has been struggling to overcome.  

Skyler 360 has made a splash on the real estate scene since its release and for a big reason-  with correct implementation, this tool can change the way we think about administrative assistants.  

How does this work?


      •  This cutting edge platform uses artificial intelligence in the lead conversion journey to create dual value.
      • Agent: Qualifying the buyer through real-time conversational interaction that is both immediate and contextual.  
      • Buyer: Responses to all leads across multiple channels (Phone, Facebook, etc. )

This tool can challenge and solve many common complaints for individual agents and teams.

Actual text from the Bot during out demo.   This was going on at the same time as a facebook chat.   It was fast and intelligent.   These messages initiated right after first contact.


Complaint #1–   I can never call incoming leads back fast enough

Skyler 360 captures and nurtures leads while you are working.  The texting and messaging conversations happen in real time, and the tool can answer questions that the client has.

Complaint #2–   I never have time to complete data entry and build a database ( Nor do I have the time to train someone else to do it correctly)

Skyler 360 takes the data and compiles the contact into an easily accessible database for follow-up and nurturing.

Complaint #3–    I’m terrible on facebook, I miss messages all the time

Skyler 360 is multichannel and can work leads on your Facebook page more efficiently that you ever could.

Complaint #4– Too many leads come in that are unqualified. I have no idea how to talk to and sort through the time wasters

Skylar 360’s A. I. asks a series of questions to make sure your leads are organized and preliminarily scrubbed before you reach out for another round of follow-ups.  There is even the ability to add in your favorite Lender to help get the mortgage process started.

Compliant #5–   It’s too hard to find/train/retain an admin for the amount of work I’m looking to accomplish

Skyler 360  could be the efficient solution that will allow you to keep going on your own, or to organize an otherwise unstructured day for a full-time admin.    I could see a team of agents utilizing this tool with a strong transaction coordinator and finding success across the board.

How does this all work?   

Magic?  Wizards?  I’m not going to get into a drawn out explanation of the nuts and bolts of this tool because honestly that where we lose people.   Artificial Intelligence is not something to be intimidated by,  if you are advertising on Facebook then you are already probably talking to their bots on a weekly basis.  This is the kind of tool that you need to demo in person to see if this is the right fit for your business.  Pricing is specific to the scale of the individual and team.   

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Who would this tool be perfect for?

  • Large teams have a significant portfolio of listings
  • Top Producing Agents that need a strong admin and system to help them avoid lead attrition
  • Power Brokerages who have a dedicated lead manager/ department who can distribute these incoming leads to the sales team
  • Individuals who are dual careered and cannot make themselves available during the day to clients readily.

Many agents have a fear that the bots are coming forward and will “replace” us in the future.  This is simply not the case. While demoing this product, Ron Sasson (Founder) was able to answer my questions, give multiple examples in real time, all while playing with a fidget cube on our video conference. For me, that was the game changer- two free hands that could be writing, calling back, or showing homes while new clients are being cared for.  This platform has received positive buzz, and for good reason, this method of communication is the near, not far future of our industry. 

If you are ready to take your business to the next level and feel that this would be a good fit for your team go for the demo!  Artificial Intelligence can help us become more organized and simplify your potential customer’s entry into working with you because they create consistency.  Let us know what you think and give us a shout out if you are currently using the system and finding success.

*This article was written after a demonstration of the product.


UPDATE:   Skyler 360 has recently teamed up with Champions School of Real Estate to bring agents the nation’s ONLY approved MCE class on Artificial Intelligence!  WOW!   Check it out here!

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