Rockstar Tools: Homesnap Part 2

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Do people know that you are a real estate agent?  Do you have a recognizable brand?  It is important to note that the key for an effective brand strategy is to pick one and then stick with it consistently.   Often when I sit down to train agents, they are overwhelmed by the many marketing options available to them.  They and do not know where to begin. Another hurdle is technology.   Many agents are intimidated by technology and social media.  Homesnap Pro offers a solution for both of these issues.   If your MLS is integrated with Homesnap, then this tool can be a great place to start.




Branded Searches

Connecting with your future customers is important.   They need to recognize who you are and who you work for.    Ideally, if they are searching for homes, YOU want to be their preferred agent.     How can you stay in front of them?   Use Homesnap Pro’s branded search option. This helps you track your client’s activities and make sure that you are their first point of contact for all real estate questions.

Homesnap Pro: Clients from Homesnap on Vimeo.


1.) Add your profile link to your email signature –  This is an easy way  and fast way to start encouraging people to use your search app

2.) Create a contact in your phone with the saved link information-  For quick text message invites to potential clients

3.)  Invite users directly from Homesnap Pro  ( scrub your database and invite members to use your branded search

Bottom line Benefits–   Less confusion, push button contact /messages to share listings, and up to date MLS data.


Facebook & Instagram Ads 

Sure you can easily share a funny video on your personal profile, but when it comes to creating an effective and attractive ad for your clients that is where things get complicated.

Homesnap Pro’s team can take the work out of advertising your listings for you.   The best part is that you do not have to be a technical wizard to create professional ads with vibrant analytics to share with your clients

Basic Types of Ads offered

  • Standard Listing Advert-   Select a template, select a listing, and VIOLA your ad is pulled together in moments!
  • JUST SOLD-   A virtual postcard to let your SOI know just how hard you are working and that you are their preferred agent
  • New..  DIY Video Marketing-   Now you can upload quick videos in an attractive format
  • Plus many more!!

Homesnap Pro’s DIY Facebook Video Ads from Homesnap on Vimeo.


Agents can scale your advertising reach for a modest budget, and at the end of each campaign, you will have real results that you can share with your clients.   Advertising insights like these offer value your clients can understand when you speak to them about online marketing efforts.   Using a tool like Homesnap Pro can provide a simple and mobile friendly structure to what you can offer your clients.     Check out their video series for more educational information about how to use this fantastic tool and watch out for Part 3 of our series where we will discuss some of the “Hidden Jewels” of this amazing application!

Are you using these features yet with your clients?    Have you had any great results?    Let us know we would love to hear from you! 


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