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Homesnap entered the real estate scene a few years ago and its preliminary technology caught my attention on the consumer side.   With one snap of your phone’s camera, you could easily pull up information about the property you were interested in.    Now the platform has grown to one of our favorite pro tools to recommend to rockstar agents.

Homesnap Pro is now available to over 500,000 agents across the U.S. and we are doing a happy dance because of the opportunities it can afford our industry.

Why?  Because it is packed with features that will help you GROW your business and your relationships with clients.     Over the next few weeks, we are going to showcase our favorite features and make recommendations on how you can use this app to help you optimize your performance within your transactions and with client communication.



Part One:  Agent Deal Flow Feature ( Available on Homesnap Pro)


Imagine receiving an offer on a hot property from an unfamiliar agent. Do you consider jumping on the MLS to figure out who is this “so and so” sending me this offer? In the past this may have meant researching the agent’s recent sales, asking around the office for Intel, or even taking the offer to your broker for advice. Homesnap Pro can turn this scenario around with a few simple taps.


Communication between agents can be improved with kindness and understanding.    We have all been new,  we have all dealt with duel career colleagues, and knowing a little about the agent on the “other side” can help us find the right combination of patience and vigilance on a transaction to make sure things go smoothly.     This is just one tool to help us improve the workspace for all of us.

At first glance, the “ Agents” (“Other Agents” via Android) option on the menu may not be an obvious tap, but once opened, users will learn that Homesnap Pro may be one of their top tools in their everyday business practice. You can also access this information in the agents’ section in every listing by tapping, the name, the agent’s initials or even their picture if they have uploaded it.

Under the “Office” feature you can track who is doing what in your office at a glance with easy, thermometer-like graphics. In seconds you can determine which agent in the office is on fire and who is spending too much time at the water cooler.

The good news is that this research is completely confidential and anonymous. Even better news? The search feature is incredibly easy to use.

So let’s re-imagine the scenario of the “low- ball” offer. You receive an offer from an unknown agent that is less than perfect. Instead of texting the agent a crazy reply, you open up Homesnap Pro and pull up their profile.


*Snap Activity- This may be a measure of how mobile tech savvy they are
*Sales Activity- What have they been doing the last 24 months?
*Are they a listing agent/ buyer’s agent?
*How are we Connected?

You can also see that your office buddy just closed a deal with them… which means that you could call them to get the 411 on the unfamiliar agent. The key to finding success with the Agent features is confidentiality and professionalism. This information is a game changer, and a great way to start working smarter and not harder. Homesnap Pro can unlock the hidden potential for many agents to not only become sharper negotiators but stronger communicators.

Next! Stay Tuned for Part 2- Homesnap Pro and Marketing Tactics for the Win

Do you use Homesnap?   Let us know about your experience! 

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