Green Tips! Learn to Compost!

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Are you interesting in learning how to start a compost pile? Composting is a great, all-natural way to fertilize your gardens and yard. Starting the process is relatively easy and cost free. Most kitchen and yard scraps can be collected for the composting.


To get started, pick a designated area outside to start the pile or purchase a composting bin. Any fruit or vegetable waste, egg shells, and coffee grinds are easy finds in most homes. Keep a container in the kitchen to collect the compost scraps instead of throwing the scraps away. Grass clippings, raked leaves, and other yard waste is also a great addition to compost piles.


It is important to turn the pile over with garden tools periodically to get new additions to the pile mixed throughout. Turning also mixes the different items together, making a nutrient-rich fertilizer.


It generally takes at least 2 weeks for the composting process to begin. After the process begins it takes the waste several months to a year to turn into usable soil. If you continually add new things to the pile, the process will take longer. Once it has turned into soil, just sprinkle it through gardens as an all natural fertilizer!


Have you tried composting? Let us know your tips and tricks!

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