Closing Gift Ideas: Pup Cakes With Okra and Molly

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Here at, we are big fans of discovering new ways to help clients celebrate their new home.    Selling or purchasing a home is a huge occasion!   The event should be something that everyone in the family should be involved in… including your dogs!

We stumbled across this company while looking for unique closing gift ideas to recommend to our real-estate agents. Okra and Molly is a company that bakes delicious goodies for your favorite furry friend! Thoroughly intrigued, we reached out to learn more, and we were greeted with enthusiasm.


Courtesy of Okra & Molly


We tested out one of their “Just ‘Cuz” cakes in Peanut Butter Pumpkin. The cake traveled well, and the packaging was adorable. Because my pups are small (I have two Toy Poodles!) I cut the cake into smaller slices and put the rest in the freezer for special treats. It was easy to tell that they loved the cake and it was moist enough for their little mouths to eat it easily. Once I set the cake down in front of them, they were ready to start indulging. Just look at how happy my pups are!

Shadow and Brûlée are having a patio party with their Okra & Molly Treat!


The cakes come in different flavors and are created using all pet-safe ingredients that will give your pets an indulgent, yet nutritious, treat. There are several ways to customize the order, giving it a more personal touch. If you know the name of your client’s pet, you can ask to have them write the name onto the cake.

Also, the price is right! They have options that will fit a variety of price points. This is a fun and unique way to show appreciation to your clients. They will LOVE that you remembered and thought about their furry friend. To make it the gift perfect for everyone, add a local baked good for the new homeowners to share. Everyone gets a treat! What’s not to love about that?

Courtesy of Okra & Molly
Spoil your client’s pets with this memorable gift!

Check out Okra & Molly here:

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