4 EASY Things To Boost Your Business Right Now

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It is pleasure to work with so many talented people in our industry every week.    The passions that the majority of agents have for helping people find happiness in homeownership inspires me to keep writing.   Our work is seasonal, regional, and impacted by the ebbs and flows of the economy.      There is only one constant, and it is your effort.   If you want to perpetuate a steady flow of business you have to consistently be focused on making it easy for people to identify you as their preferred professional.      Here are four easy tasks that you can do right now to boost your business and get a little momentum going.

1.) Learn Something New and then SHARE IT–   This is my favorite thing to suggest to clients.   Read a book about improving your business. Take on a new designation.   Get up to date on new laws and regulations.     Then share what you have learned with your SOI (Sphere of Influence).   Showing your core base that you are dedicated to improving yourself, and your craft will bring positive results.

2.) Pick up the Phone AND CALL a Friend–   Maybe their birthday is coming up.  Maybe their kid just graduated from high school.    Making real connections with people and showing that you genuinely care can go a long way.    This isn’t just good for your business.   This is being a good human.

3.) Update your Linkedin Profile–   Every few months you change and grow in your career.   Share what is going on.   This is your online resume, your professional showplace. Update recent sales, awards, experience, etc. often!   Create a great portfolio of the marketing you are doing for your clients.

4.) GO to LUNCH/COFFEE with a Happy Colleague–   If you are feeling stagnant in your business, then you probably are.  What you need is a healthy dose of fresh perspective.    Look to connect with someone who seems happy and busy with their business.  Happiness is the key.

Most of the time when your business is stuck it is not for lack of trying, it’s from lack of joy.

Sometimes just talking with someone who has joy for what they are doing will rub off on you.   Take a look at the office culture around you.  If you are in a negative environment, it is going to be difficult to thrive.

I have so much respect for those in our industry that work relentlessly to provide excellent service and take care of their families.   Remember if you are feeling under appreciated or burnout to take a moment and re-evaluate.  It is important to hit pause and take a rest when you need it, but that you have to jump back in. You have to continuously feed new energy into your business to keep it rolling.  Keep with the flow.   You got this.

Let us know if any of these suggestions helped give your business a boost.   We would love to hear from you!! 




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