Your Essential Summer Prospecting Checklist

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Many agents have enjoyed a busy spring, and now are planning a few quick vacations this summer to enjoy the “fruits” of their work.


BUT before you head out for a few weeks at the beach… May we remind you…



Here is our simple checklist for making sure you do not come back from summer vacation with an empty pipeline.

1.)  Follow Up–      Go back through your leads from the beginning of the year.   Remember all those people that said they were going to list or buy? But then they got busy and you got busy? Pick up the phone and call.     Leave a text instead of a voicemail.   Email them with some current market stats, and if you have their physical address a hand written note is advised.

2.) Farm for New Business–   I know that when you are busy it is hard to make time for new business, but it is essential to continue to prospect for new business to break the roller coaster cycle.    For many agents who do not have a great system in place, it is FEAST or FAMINE.  Make a commitment to do something after every transaction to maximize referrals, or grab new business. Old school business tactics such as “Just Sold” and “Under Contract in __X___ Days” still work.  Do you know what doesn’t work? Doing nothing.

3.) Call Back All Leads–   Lead gen experts are stating that it will take an average of reaching out to a lead 5 to 6 times before you can reach them. This spring I have found that many NEW agents are finding luck with third party site leads who state that they TRIED TO CONTACT the listing agent several times and never heard back.    Every call, every inquiry could be a potential client for your fall/winter pipeline.  It is easy to get busy with a hot listing and multiple offers, do not let future customers fall through the cracks because you are too busy to return all calls.   If this is exceedingly impossible, it is time to hire a full-time admin or partner up with a buyer’s agent.

4.) SPF 100 Your Current Business–   If you are headed out of town make sure to reach out to all clients and check in before you leave.  Next, make sure that you have a dedicated agent to fill in your shoes while you are away. Customers do not care that you do not have cell service down at the beach.  When there is a problem they want it addressed right away. Make sure to empty your voicemail and return necessary emails each evening you are away.   There is nothing worse than trying to contact an agent with an emergency and their voicemail box is full.   Business should continue at the same pace, and with the same level of customer service.  Make sure to have systems in place or you may get BURNED while you are soaking up rays on the beach.

5.) THE LIST-Before you leave write down 5 past clients/ SOI contacts that you need to contact and put that on your desk for when you return. Make that your first task when you get back.  This way you know that you have a game plan for prospecting as soon as you return.

Are you ready to prospect this summer?   What are your favorite ways to keep motivated during peak vacation season?

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