Tips To Add Water Features To Your Garden

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Incorporating water features into your landscaping can have a dramatic effect by adding a focal point to your garden space. Having an aquatic space in your garden will also bring other aquatic creatures around. Frogs, turtles, dragonflies, and so much more will gather by the water, giving you another ecosystem to enjoy in your garden. Fishponds can quickly become very expensive projects, ask a professional before building to answer any questions or help create a plan of execution.


Determine The Area

Figure out where you want to have the fishpond. Figure out the size and depth of the pond that you are looking to build. Fish are less likely to become ill in larger pond scapes. This is because there is more water and the concentrations of their waste smaller.



After deciding where you want the pond, you also have to determine the desired depth of the pond.


Line It

Line the inside of the pond area. There are a plethora of materials that can be used to line the inside of the pond. Concrete, rubber, and plastic are commonly used to line the inside of the ponds. The linings can fit various price points and durability expectations.


Add a Pump

The proper pump can usually be found at pool maintenance stores or hardware stores with pond equipment. Pumps come with directions that make it easy for people to DIY the installation.


Fill The Pond With Water

After installing the pump, have the pond filled with water. Check with a professional if additional pumps are needed depending on the size of the pond.



There is a variety of different fish that fit different budgets that can be used to fill a pond. Fancy goldfish are on the lower end of the budget spectrum, while Koi fish can cost thousands of dollars each.


Add Landscaping

It is also important to add landscaping around the pond to add to the aesthetic value. Rocks and plants are great to add around the outside of the pond.


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