Bright Ideas: Lighting Projects to Illuminate Your Home

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Here are a few lighting project ideas to brighten your own home. Light fixtures have the ability to create and change moods in a room. The light given off from the fixture and the fixture itself are equally important. They both provide the necessary light with creative and endless style options.   

If you are looking to make a statement, a chandelier draws people’s eyes to the fixture when they enter a room. Chandeliers range from modern to traditional designs in a variety of styles and sizes to fit the ambiance of any room.  To still have a dramatic effect on a smaller scale, pendant lights are smaller light fixtures that hang more at eye level. These lights are great for kitchens and areas that need more direct lighting.

Table and floor lamps can be used to accessorize spaces because of the variety that they offer. Lamps can be found in different lengths, widths, colors, and styles that can  be used to decorate a room. In hallways, wall sconces are great for adding personality to a home.

Recessed lighting creates a modern appearance. This lighting style is less noticeable because the lights are for function rather than for their appearance.  

Ceiling-mount fixtures are most subtle than chandeliers but still hang from the ceiling. These can be found in a variety of colors and styles.

Have you installed any interesting light features?  Share pictures in the comments below! 

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