Tips to Fight Allergens In Your Home

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Having indoor allergies can make it hard to feel comfortable within your own home. It’s allergy season outside, why suffer from allergies inside as well? Dust, dander, and molds are the most common household allergens. Here are some helpful tips to make or maintain an allergen-free home.


Have a Regular Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning your home on a regular schedule will help reduce allergens. Dusting, vacuuming, and laundering linens weekly is important for eliminating indoor allergens that accumulate.


Take Off Shoes Immediately When You Enter the Home

Put a shoe mat at all the indoor and outdoor entrances into your home. This will encourage people to wipe their feet outside and leave their shoes by the door inside. This will prevent the outdoors from being tracked through your home.


Remove Carpet

Consider having carpets replaced with an easier to clean flooring such as hardwood. Area rugs are easier to clean and can be moved outside to be aired out periodically.


Replace Air Filters

Replace air filters in heating and cooling systems periodically. Check how often the filters you are using recommend being changed, most encourage changing filters every 1-3 months. This will keep fresh air circulating throughout your home.


Open Windows

Unless you also have seasonal allergies, open the windows to air out the home. Letting fresh air circulate will help eliminate allergens floating throughout the home.


Get a Better Vacuum Cleaner

Think about investing in a better, higher-quality vacuum cleaner. This will make cleaning carpets more effective, picking up the dander and dust that could be causing the allergies.


Go Green With Cleaning Products

The harsh chemicals in cleaning products can agitate allergens more.  To prevent this, switch to cleaning with “green”, all-natural alternatives.


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