Moving? Here Are Some Tips To Make The Process Easier

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Whether you are moving for the first time or the tenth, each move always presents its own unique struggles. Here are a few tips to try to make your move easier and less stressful.

Hire Movers In Advance

If you need to hire movers, remember to hire them weeks in advance. Trying to hire a moving company at the last minute can result in more chaos and stress if the movers are booked past your moving date.


Clean before you start moving in. This isn’t always possible for longer distance moves, but it can be incredibly helpful when it is possible. Trying to clean while moving is much more difficult because boxes are being unpacked at the same time.


Just like cleaning, if you are able to paint before you move in so you have less to move around during the painting process.

Stop Buying Groceries 

Make your last grocery store visit at least two weeks prior to moving. Try to use up as much as you can and then throw out the rest.

Prepare the Refrigerator

Remove everything from the fridge and defrost it at least 24 hours before moving. After defrosting, wipe up any messes. This will prevent spills and weird smells as you move it into the new home.


Keep clothes on hangers for faster unpacking. To keep the clothes together, encompass the bottom of the clothes in the bag and cinch the top where the hangers are together.

Have you made a move recently? Do you have any tips on how to make the process easier? Comment below!

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