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Our team just returned from #SMXWest.  This great conference was an eye opener for many emerging digital trends.  Surprisingly the most prominent theme that stood out was that no amount of flashy tech, widget or landing page can fix the user end and experience with the product/service.


Which leads me to my next statement…


Businesses need to focus on customer service first, or they are going to be throwing $$$$$ after $$$ out the window with their marketing efforts.    

Think about it.  We live in a digital world where people are rewarded ( attention, by posting their opinion on ANYTHING from toilet paper to their favorite place to get their beloved pooch groomed. Businesses need to start fixing the problems that occur with incoming phone calls, the environment of their business, and the attitude of their staff for the ultimate success ratios with their marketing campaigns.   


  1. Is it easy for clients to reach or find you?    Some companies make the mistake of driving a ton of traffic to their site, or place of business but there are no systems in place to handle the inquiries efficiently.
  2. Is communication clear?   Can members of your staff not only explain the product/service but also have a clearly defined directory of other team members and their roles to help troubleshoot issues efficiently?
  3. Smoke and mirrors-  Does your marketing match the actual service?   Would clients be disappointed when they walk in your door?    Does the site match the brand values? Things must be fluid and tangible otherwise if their expectations are not set appropriately it could trigger a negative review
  4. Quality control?   Who is paying attention?  Is there anyone tracking leads and how they are handled?  Is there a dedicated customer satisfaction representative?  I think this role is going to be instrumental in helping connect consumers and brands connect with effective marketing.

Do your business practices match the marketing efforts you are investing?   Where do you find the most challenges?    Comment below we would love to hear from you!

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