How to Spring Clean Your Kitchen

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Spring has sprung!  Spring is here and we are ready to conquer our Spring cleaning checklists! Here is a list of our top Spring cleaning tips for the highest traffic area of your home: the kitchen!

The kitchen is one of the highest traffic areas in your home. Cleaning this area regularly is crucial for keeping everything clean and everyone healthy.  However, here are some places that are probably ready for a deep cleaning:

The Fridge

Cleaning the inside of the refrigerator is important for food safety and eliminating funny odors in your home. Always use products that are safe to come in contact with food, such as a combination of warm water and baking soda. Never clean surfaces that come in contact with wood with disinfectant. Before putting everything back into the fridge, go through expiration dates. Throw away any spoiled or past-expiration foods. .A thorough cleaning of the inside of the fridge should be done quarterly.

Also, the top of the fridge is an easily forgotten spot. Dust and wipe down the top to eliminate any dust that may have accumulated over time.


Wipe down stove tops and clean the inside of your oven is important for removing grime and residue that accumulate from normal use over time. Remove knobs on the stove and clean them as well as the surface underneath. This will also keep the kitchen from getting a funny, greasy smell.


Clean out the bottom of the dishwasher, removing any pieces of food that might have accumulated at the bottom. Then run the dishwasher empty with baking soda or vinegar inside to give it a thorough cleaning.


Clean all major and frequently used appliances such as the microwave or toaster. Make sure the appliances are unplugged before cleaning. Wipe the appliances down with a mixture of warm water and baking soda, removing any residue.

What are your favorite tips to spring clean your kitchen?  Share them below! 

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