How To Plant a “Bee Friendly” Garden

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The bees have steadily decreased in population over the last few years. Bees play an important role in pollinating plants. To help the bees maintain and rebuild their population, here are a few things to do to your garden to make it more “bee-friendly”.

Avoid Chemicals

Pesticides and other chemicals can be poisonous to not only bees but humans and pets as well. To keep your garden chemical-free switch to using organic and natural pest-control products instead.

Plant Multiple Flower Varieties

Intentionally plant a variety of different flowering plants that bloom throughout the spring and summer. Early spring, end of spring, and summer blooms will ensure there are consistently flowers available for the bees to pollinate. Bees prefer flowers that have petals that lay flat; however, having a variety of different flower blooms is important.

Have a Water Source

Bees require a freshwater water source to survive. Create a small spot where freshwater will always be available and then leave it in the same location.  This makes it easier for the bees to find it.  Think of it as a smaller-scale bird bath.

Go Diverse

Plant flowers that are different colors, sizes, and heights. Not only will this make your garden beautiful and colorful, but it will also be a paradise for the bees.

Group Similar Varieties Together

When arranging your garden, plant flowers of the same species together. This makes it easier for the bees to locate and pollinate the blooms.

Bulk Planting Recommendations

Bee Balm



No Yard, No Problem

If you do not have a yard or ample gardening space there is a solution. Window flower boxes provide another place for bees to find blooms.

Buy Local Honey

Beekeeping has declined over the years, this is a great way to support the local beekeepers in your area. Rather than opting for the store brand of honey, check out a local farmer’s market and support buy local.


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