How to Make Your Fresh-Cut Flowers Last Longer

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We all love flowers, right? Personally, I love all varieties of flowers. They have the ability to instantly brighten a room, but when they quickly start to wilt it can look depressing. To help you enjoy your flowers longer, here are some tips to extend their lifespan! 


For already cut flowers, trim the flowers another 1-2 inches up the stem. When doing this, cut the stems at an angle to give the flowers more surface space to absorb as much water as possible.

When cutting flowers, use sharp shears or a kitchen knife to give the stem a clean-cut. Regular house scissors are not sharp enough to cut the flower stem without causing damage.

Remove any leaves that are below the water line of the vase. This will keep the water fresh and the flowers healthy.

Most flowers prefer lukewarm water when filling a flower vase. There are a few exceptions to this, depending on the type of flower. Flowers that come from a bulb, such as tulips, prefer colder water.

Replenish the water in the vase daily and trim the ends of the stems periodically.

If there are any dead stems in the flower arrangement, remove them.  That will keep the flowers from sending nutrients to the dying flowers and focus on the live blooms instead.

Keep the flowers out of direct sunlight and in a draft free area.


How do you keep your fresh-cut flowers? We’d love to hear some other tips and tricks! 

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