Get Inspired: Invest in Your Creativity for a Happier Career

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 Are you happy?   Do you feel inspired? Investing in your creativity is a great way to boost your mood and your productivity.   Hobbies like painting, gardening, and cooking can help busy professionals feel less stressed and happier. The American Institute of Stress recommends making time for hobbies to reduce stress and fatigue.    Here are three ways to pump some design and creative inspiration into your life.

 Paint Your Office/ Style Your Desk:   Your workspace should reflect colors that make you happy.  Injecting your favorite colors will motivate and stimulate your being.   Keep it simple by painting a statement wall, grabbing new colorful desk accessories, and hanging bright window treatments.      If motivational quotes speak to you, dedicate a wall filled with your favorite words to keep your fires burning while you work. 

BUSINESS BOOST:   Visit a site like and design your own custom note cards for clients.     Their templates make it easy, and your creativity will create a unique thank you that your clients will love!

 Grow a Plant:   Do you enjoy plants, but have a black thumb?     Forcing bulbs is practically effortless.   Grab some paperwhites and follow these simple steps.   

  • Collect mason jars or vases from the dollar store that appeal to you.
  • Pick up a bag of natural stones ( small to medium sized)
  • Pick up a bag of paperwhite bulbs

Then simply put one layer of stones on the vase, then add bulbs, then another layer of stones to steady the bulbs.   Fill with water until the waterline is even with the bottom of the bulbs.   Place in a sunny window.   BOOM! You are now an official gardening guru. Live in a warmer climate?  Try air plants or building a succulent dish to keep near your workspace.     Did you know that these hardy plants can improve your indoor environment?

BUSINESS BOOST:   Purchase enough materials for several “arrangements”.  Forced bulbs make great closing/ thank you gifts for clients. Make sure to hole punch your business card and tie with a little twine or ribbon to dress up your vase.    Or go one step further and create some easy custom tags. 

Bake Bread:  Traditional bread can be challenging for novice cooks, but quick breakfast loaves of bread are a piece of cake.  The experience of mixing and the aroma cinnamon is a pleasant experience.    Make this a weekend task and take it slow.    This recipe is easy and affordable.     

BUSINESS BOOST:   Make up a few extra “Open House” or “Congrats on your First Showing”  mixes in a few mason jars.      Drop this by to a client, so they can bake before a dinner party/ special occasion, so their house smells delish.   Pair it with a nice thank you note and express how thankful you are for their business or working relationship.

Professionals who make time to create balance will avoid burnout and improve the overall experience for their clients.    Make sure to time block hobbies into your busy schedule to make sure that 2017 stays fun and fresh!

What are your favorite ways to stay inspired?   Comment below! 

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