Tips For The Eager First-Time Homebuyers

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First-time home buyers can easily get off track and distracted during the purchase process.  It is important for a first-time homebuyer, keep an open mind. There are several things you should consider along the way; here are a few tips to keep your house hunt on track!

Budget, Budget, Budget…

Look at homes that are within the given range of your budget at the time you are buying the home. Do not buy a home with intentions of getting a raise or a better job. Consider factors like if you are planning on starting a family and other expenses that can accumulate over time.

Renting Vs. Buying

Are your finances stable enough to buy? How long are you planning on staying in the area? These are just a few of the questions you should be asking yourself when debating between renting and buying.

Consider all Costs

Moving is expensive. Take all expenses into consideration when planning on purchasing a home. Ask your real estate agent to help create a list of other costs that will accompany the listing price of the home.

Pre-Qualify for Mortgages

A price range of affordability makes a night and day difference in your search.   Did you know that some homeowners will ask their listing agent to make sure only buyers that can have a mortgage tour their home?  They are looking for potential buyers who are serious.   Doing this will keep you on track during your home search, giving you a better idea of what is in your price range, and save a ton of time and frustration.


Check out the Homeowners Association (HOA) Contract

This is an extremely important task to review before purchasing a home. There might be certain stipulations or fees that you will have to agree to purchase the home.

Ignore Home Staging

While touring through homes, keep in mind that agents stage homes to make the house look its best. Focus on the structure of the home when looking at different rooms throughout the house. Imagine each room without the furniture inside of it.

What are your favorite tips?   Share below!   We would love to hear from you!

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