Keeping Pets Happy During Home Renovations

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During home renovations, it is important to keep your furry friends happy and safe. Renovations can put pets in dangerous and frightening situations. Here are a few stellar tips to keep in mind if you are planning on having renovations when you have pets:


Tag Them

Make sure to not forget that all your pets are wearing their collars with attached tags giving information about the pet and the owners. Phone numbers, the name of owners, and the name of the pet should be attached. This is for in case the animal gets frightened and bolts, which can happen with the loud sounds and strangers in the home.


Safe Room

Put the animals in a safe room where they are away from the commotion. It is also important to not let the pets roam around the house even after hours. There may be sharp or other dangerous objects left that could hurt them.


Consider Pet Daycare

If there will be loud noises or fumigations, it might be more relaxing for the pets to go to a pet daycare or to stay with a friend. When planning the renovations, also plan where your pets can stay throughout the process.



Try to keep the pet’s routine as close to normal as possible. Animals are creatures of habit, keeping them on their normal schedule will make them feel more comfortable.


Do you have any tips on caring for your pets during stressful times?  Share below!

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