Feng Shui In Your Home

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Feng Shui is an ancient practice that helps bring positive energy into your home. The Chinese philosophy focuses on positioning and organizing the inanimate objects that occupy a space to create harmony.  Practitioners follow the belief that every object has energy; therefore, arranging the furniture in a particular manner is important for the energy to be able to move freely within the space. Feng Shui has expanded in popularity and is now commonly practiced in the western hemisphere.

Here are a few easy to try Feng Shui tips for arranging your home:

Seating Areas

When arranging seats in different rooms, organize the seats, so each seat gives the person a place to put drinks or small items. This makes the seating more welcoming and comfortable to guests. In these type of seating arrangements avoid square or rectangular coffee tables, so nobody has a harsh angle pointing in their direction. Round coffee tables let the energy in the room navigate more freely. Square or rectangular tables work well in dining rooms where people sit around the edges of the table.

Lighting Fixtures

Find lighting fixtures that create an ambient lighting throughout the entirety of the room; this creates a more inclusive atmosphere. Avoid lighting fixtures that point directly downward or only provide light for a specific spot; this creates a feeling of exclusion and unwelcome.

Unused Rooms

Feng Shui also believes if there are rooms that are not being used, they should be repurposed into a room that will be used almost daily. For example, many people only use dining rooms for special occasions and holidays; these rooms should either be used more often or redesigned into an atmosphere that would be utilized casually.


Mirrors should be incorporated into rooms so people can see everything around them. Hang the mirrors high enough on the wall that people can see themselves if they are standing, but not when they are sitting so they do not get stuck staring at themselves when seated in a room.


Position the bed, so the feet do not face directly to the doorway that is known as the coffin position. If there is no way to position the bed in any other manner, add a bench or table to the foot of the bed to make the line less direct. Only in children’s rooms can the bed be positioned against the wall. For adults, have space on each side of the bed away from the wall to create more balance. Also, add decorations high on the wall to draw the eyes upward, this creates a more pleasant mood.


Have you tried any of these fun arrangements in your home? Let us know in the comments section! We love to hear from our readers!

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