What is Phubbing?

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Do you Phub?  Are you Phubbing right now?  This new term has been catching some buzz so as a millennial that works in technology, I deemed it necessary to familiarize myself with this term. So, what is phubbing?


Phubbing (v) – The act of snubbing someone in a social setting by looking at your phone instead of paying attention.


This is a new and growing phenomenon amongst people of all ages, but growing especially quickly with the younger generations. This action leaves the individual(s) who are being “phubbed” feeling neglected and left out. CNN wrote about how phubbing is destroying our interpersonal relationships.    From friendships to marriages.  Society is feeling the stress from phubbing.  


Phubbing occurs in every social setting: dates, job interviews, parties, etc. With the ability to connect with anyone at any moment via the power of smartphones, people are neglecting the actual LIVE humans that surround them. This is affecting all generations, but it is no surprise that is has grown exceptionally amongst the younger generations. These younger generations have had smartphones and technology integrated into their lives since birth. They are also less likely to find phubbing to be as offensive as those who are in older generations.


It is a fast-paced and technology-driven world that we live in. However; when in a social setting people should make an effort to put their phones away and be present in the moment. As challenging as this might be, your personal relationships will reap the benefits. If others are “phubbing” you, don’t be afraid to ask for their undivided attention during a conversation. As a courtesy to everyone else, let’s all try to be more present in the moment this year!


Have you been phubbed??  Or are you a culprit? How do you think we can keep this from ruining our personal relationships? Please comment and share your ideas and viewpoints below!





Marina is our token millennial. She writes about small business development, marketing, and tech trends. In her free time she prefers to be on-the-move, she loves finding new trails to run and signing up for road races. Other times she can be found reading or baking sweet treats.

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