Essential Items That Smart Professionals Keep at Their Desk

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Spills, snags, and stress are three “S’s” that every office worker dreads. For those of us in the professional world navigating through the day smoothly requires planning, patience, and a few tricks up your sleeve. Here are some recommendations of what every professional should have in their desk to combat life’s little emergencies. Especially if they occur moments before a huge client meeting.

Refillable Water Bottle

Coffee is the typical drink of choice to energize during the workday. Although coffee is great, staying hydrated also helps you feel more alert and focused. Having a water bottle ready for if you become thirsty will also prevent having to purchase bottles of water from the office vending machine.

Extra Chargers (phone, computer, tablet, etc.)

Halfway through the day and your phone or other electronics are already low on battery? Having extra chargers around will eliminate the stress of having your electronics die.


Some days the hustle and bustle of the workplace might be more disruptive than others. If it is too hard to focus with all the commotion, pop on your headphones to aid your focus.

Light Snacks

That three o’clock feeling can make the last few hours of the work day go by slowly. Having light, healthy snacks stashed away can combat that feeling and keep energy levels up for the remainder of the day. Snacks to keep on hand: nuts, protein bars, or trail mixes because they will not perish quickly and have a good amount of protein to help curb hunger.

Gum & Mints

Having a few mints on hand for after a morning coffee or snack is great for having fresh breath on-the-go.

First Aid Supplies / Medicines

Have a few immunity aid packets and ibuprofen in your desk can help when you are starting to feel under the weather. Fight against oncoming colds and headaches before they become severe and hinder your workflow.


This is great to have on hand for if it is a long day at work and you need to feel refreshed.

Lint Roller

Keep your outfit looking sharp all day with a lint roller stashed away.

If your co-worker is always polished and pulled together, chances are these items are close by. What are your favorite “save the work day” items that are critical to improving job performance? Share and comment below!


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